Tuesday, September 14, 2010

December 19th--Recap

Oops, we forgot to write/take birth control the first week. Luckily, we can make up for not blogging, but unfortunately it's too late for Plan B. Since abortion is illegal in Bolivia, we've decided to take a trip to Brazil in anticipation of our mutual impregnations. Are you curious about the father(s?) ? We will give you one clue. It (they) was (were) not Jacob. They (he) have (has) Latin Blood but are (is) not (a) "blood(s)" and ARE/IS blood-y cute.

Now let's talk about less-pregnant things.

We are SO HAPPY that Jacob finally arrived in Cochabamba a few days ago. Thanks Jake, sooo much, for the delicious chocolates, Orbit Sweetmint, tampons, new Middlebury Hillel sweatpants, and a batch of your mom's challah. Jacob's flight got in without a hitch and we spent the first night listening to Amos Lee and discussing the lunar cycle with a few members of Cochabamba's thriving Jewish community under the starlight. What an amazing first night of Hannukah!

We are currently in Rio de Janeiro. The Cristo here sucks in comparison to Cochabamba's, by the way. We met a Witch Doctress who pierced our belly buttons and fed us fresh fruit which we accidentally ate - whoops! Maya swore she thought it was cow heart and urged Maddie to "fucking go for it." Maddie slapped her in the face but swallowed the piece of food whole and then mumbled, "I.. think... it's.. papaya!" Thus we are awaiting diarrhea with open arms.

Jacob is apprenticing with one of the witch doctor's five husbands. He happens to be an expert in Jewish agriculture and radical forms of cat-mating. We haven't had contact with Jacob in three days but we hope he hasn't been sacrificed. We're going to visit the Witch Doctor tomorrow and pray she will not feed us fresh "stew."

Hasta Manana!

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