Wednesday, October 20, 2010


It's 2pm and we just got back to our hostel after a long night of partying, a visit to a prison, and begging on the streets!!

we haven't spoken english in last 6 days, but we did meet some awesome israelis... GUY AVI and SHMUEL!!! though problematically, none of them wear off the shoulder cut-up t-shirts. Shmuel demands us to call him shmulik the jew-lick, so last night when we called him shmu he stormed out out of the club and threw his Argentinian equivalent of Singani on the guard at the door. He was taken to Argentinean prison, and we had to bail him out with the only pesos we had left. Now we are moneyless and belt-less (that's another blog post) and hungry.

Maya decided to dance the morenada on the street to collect some pesos so we could eat banana chocolate crepes for breakfast. That went OK until the chubby cheeked ten year old street kid who once played a round of "rock paper scissors" with us in the plaza, and who Maya then decided she would one day adopt, came up and asked for a few pesos, so Maya gave him all the coins she had just received from the slightly drunk viejitos watching and cheering from the nearby bar. Then Maya sent Jorge an SMS to wire us money, which he promptly did, and also overnight fed-exed a box of authentic cochabambina saltenas to the correo in Buenos Aires, which we are hoping to eat as a late night drunken snack tonight.

In other news, we have each survived the #1 worst pooping experience of our lives. Maya's came about when she decided that after living in Bolivia for a few months, she could eat anything ever in Argentina, and consumed raw sushi on the streets corner sold by a hippie Dutch guy who had "lived in Japan, yes, but then I got a bad massage, you know, you know.." Anyway, after eating his sushi roll nightly special (octopus?), Maya fell ill while dancing Morenada (she's obsesssed) in a multi cultural performance at a youth center. Since her corset was so tight, and her heels so high, she could not manage to arrive at the bathroom in time, and instead utilized a side alley way, where a young couple was aggressively making out, screaming when Maya arrived, who then returned to dance without realizing what was still left on the back of her corset....

Maddie's turn! Before the fiasco at the prison, Maddie decided to go to the most upscale and renowned ice cream cafe in all of Buenos Aires, owned by an Italian-German Swiss-Basque family, including the old abuelita of the family who emerged from the back drapes of the shop to offer Maddie a old family creation that wasn't even on the MENU. Yes, Maddie said, wowed by this infamous European woman who spoke 8 languages. Maddie was immediately filled with utmost respect for her age/wisdom/brilliant eyes/kindness, thinking, this is AN FSS MOMENT!!! Yo quiero todo que le gusta usted! The ice cream creation that Maddie consumed seemed very strange, with crunchy salty nuggets on the outside, that sort of tasted like beef jerky, but Maddie brushed aside the thought, until a few hours later she became violently sick while dancing with the cutest israeli GUY, who had Maddie in a crazy bent over backwards position, and who, when Maddie shrieked in pain, dropped her on the dance floor, where Maddie then lay for the next five minutes, pretending to dance while laying on her back as Guy did did the moon walk around her, until he finally left her to order another champagne spritzer, and Maya ran into the discoteca, exclaiming, GUESS WHAT THIS OLD LADY JUST GAVE ME ICE CREAM WITH A COW INTESTINE NUGGET TOPPING!

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